About Us

mark-michelIn 2006 Mark Michel founded Landmark Landscape Services with the simple idea of having a landscape company and being able to provide great service.  Mark started in the green industry as a teenager mainly mowing grass for his grandfather as a first job and parents as part of his chores.  This lead to a true interest in working outdoors.

After high school Mark attended the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse University receiving a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.  After graduation Mark worked for Pennink Arrimour Inc. a quality Commercial Landscape Contracting company based just outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Several years of experience were gained working on corporate campuses.

Mark moved from the northeast to the Charlotte area in 2000 and worked for a top five national landscape contracting company.  Additional experience was gained which lead to managing their Charlotte office with over three million in annual revenue.

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Landmark Landscape Services is a full service landscape provider.  Mark says the name for the company was constructed in part from his first name and secondly the fact that we work with the land.   In addition, and more importantly, the name drives the idea every day of taking the budgets that our clients have to work with and making their landscape a Landmark.

Whatever it is that our clients do we help them do it better.  If you are part of a  Homeowners Association we help keep property values up through proper landscape management of the common areas.  If you are an office building manager we help you lease the space you have and keep your current clients while projecting a high level of professionalism.  If you are a homeowner looking to improve your surroundings we create.  Landmark Landscape Services partners with our clients to make their job easier and reach a desired result.

Landmark Landscape Services is fortunate to employee some wonderful people who have a great level of satisfaction delivering for our clients.

Landmark Landscape Services is locally owned and based in Huntersville, NC.

Please take a look and see what Landmark Landscape Services has to offer.

Giving Back


Monetary contributions and sponsorships are provided to programs that focus on educational and athletic development for children.


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